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Effective Prenatal Education with Andrea Robertson in Bangkok

สัมมนาที่คนทำหน้าที่ให้ความรู้เตรียมการคลอดไม่ควรพลาด จากworkshop ที่ได้รับความนิยมอย่างสูงในออสเตรเลีย อังกฤษและอีกหลายแห่งทั่วโลก 

Effective Prenatal Education with Andrea Robertson in Bangkok this coming Febuary 20-21,2010 at Narai Hotel.Registration fee is 4500 B. included morning coffee,Tea break,Lunch.Seat is limited to 30 only.

Tentative Workshop agenda click

This is a two day program designed to making pregnancy programs exciting, fun and dynamic, not just for the parents, but for the educator as well. Engaging, interactive programs leave participants well-informed, feeling positive about birth, emotionally supported and personally satisfied with their learning. Develop your skills as an effective facilitator through this compact, convenient short course which is suitable for those who already have a background in maternity care but want to further expand or develop their role in prenatal education.

Workshop aims:

This workshop aims to:

  • Offer participants a variety of teaching activities that will enhance their work as childbirth educators
  • Provide opportunities to explore practical strategies for managing the adult learning group

Learner outcomes

By the end of this program, participants will have:

  • Explored the wants and needs of expectant parents and considered how these may be met through appropriate programs.
  • Participated in a variety of teaching activities they can incorporate into their work Examined the structure and content of potential pregnancy programs
  • Considered the impact of language and culture on choice of teaching activities
  • Explored the use of appropriate teaching aids
  • Learned how to motivate parents for a natural birth, through providing support, good information and the use of appropriate learning activities


Day One

9.00 a.m Introductions

  • Group Guidelines

10.00 a.m. Give them what they want!Making prenatal programs memorable and worthwhile

  • Finding out what parents want from the course � ideas for agenda setting
  • Developing a flexible program to meet stated needs
  • Avoiding information overload
  • Focusing on skills development

11.00 a.m. Creating excitement and engaging the group

  • Activities that appeal to all learning styles
  • Introducing variety
  • Working with diverse groups : taking care with language, culture etc

12.30 p.m. LUNCH

1.30 p.m. Enabling the group to gel:

  • Encouraging interaction
  • Using small group activities
  • Handing group dynamics

3.00p.m. Break

3.15 p.m. Effective use of teaching aids

  • How to choose teaching aids
  • Using films appropriately

4.15 p.m. Evaluation of the day

Close of day one

Day Two

9.00 a.m. Reflection and questions

9.45 a.m. Promoting natural Birth through effective presentation:

  • Confronting fears about labour and birth
  • Helping women to discover their birthing potentials
  • Motivating women through better information about pain

10.45 a.m. Break

11.00 a.m. Promoting natural birth (continued)

12.30 p.m. LUNCH

1.30 p.m. Tackling the difficult subjects

  • Preparing for the unknown
  • Exercising choice
  • Unexpected outcomes

3.00 p.m. Break

3.15 p.m. Checking your outcomes

  • Review exercises
  • Evaluation strategies
  • Using feedback effectively

4.15 p.m. Evaluation of this program

4.30 p.m. Close of the workshop

Registration fee is 4500 ฿   (Include morning coffee, tea break and  Lunch )       Seats are  limited to 30 only 

 This workshop is hosted by Childbirth & Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand (CBFT) in co-operations with Birth International.

For more information Please call 08-3228-8886, 08-1776-9391 or Email   

Know more about Birth International at  Register and pay in to Childbirth&Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand Saving Account more infomation please call or email

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